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Best Detours to Use When Visiting

Visiting Lamont and Weedpatch is a quick detour anytime you're traveling through the Bakersfield area! Here are the easiest ways to enjoy the sights and tastes of our community from the main routes in the region:

Traveling east or west through Bakersfield, a detour through Lamont and Weedpatch can easily be combined with a trip through Arvin as well.

  • If you're traveling east, from Highway 58 take exit 117 for Weedpatch Highway/CA-184 through Lamont and Weedpatch. You can easily turn east onto Highway 223 through Arvin and the Tehachapi foothills before picking up Highway 58 again (and missing some of the heaviest truck traffic heading up the Tehachapi grade!). 
  • If you're traveling west, from Highway 58 you'll turn left to get on Highway 223. Once you are through Arvin, you'll soon come to Highway 184 (Weedpatch Highway), which you can turn north on and take until you return to Highway 58. 

Traveling north or south through Bakersfield you can quickly detour via Highway 184 (Weedpatch Highway) and Wheeler Ridge Road.

  • If you're heading north, from Highway 99 or Interstate 5 take exit 219A for Laval Road and head northeast. You can continue this route all of the way through Weedpatch, Lamont, and then on to pick up Highway 58. At Highway 58 head west until you pick up Highway 99 or Interstate 5 again. 
  • When heading south, from Highway 99 or Interstate 5, take Highway 58 east. You'll take exit 117 for Weedpatch Highway/CA-184 and can take that south. Just follow that until it becomes Wheeler Ridge Road, and eventually intersects with Highway 99/Interstate 5 again. 

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